Dr. Ned Restom

Principal Dentist

Dr. Ned Restom graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney in 2000, continuing his study and undertaking a Bachelor of Dentistry through the University of Sydney where he graduated in 2004.

He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry but has a particular passion for cosmetic dental care and implant dentistry, which has allowed him to acquire an excellent patient base.

In 2005, Ned completed accreditation through the Australian Society of Implant dentistry, and in 2017 he completed the Master Series in Implant dentistry at the Brenner Institute.

He is currently finalising the master series in Implantology at the California Implant Institute, and has already completed the surgical externship component including the live All on 4 surgical program.

Dr. Restom is also going through the American Board of Oral Implantology Accreditation Program, and is one of the first users of the Live Guided Implant System (X-Nav) in Australia.

He completed a two day training program in Washington D.C with one of the founders of the technology.

This ongoing training has allowed him to provide his patients with the latest implant technology and increase his clinical skills to address complex cases in oral implantology.

Dr. Restom is a firm believer in continuing his education, allowing him to remain at the forefront of the dental industry. He enjoys the pursuit of new evidence-based treatments in an effort to deliver the most innovative dental solutions to his patients. He takes pride in his clinic’s honest and gentle approach to family dental services and remains dedicated to providing his valued patients with the highest standard of dental care and services.