General Dentistry

The mouth can reveal findings of additional systemic problems or disease which can impact on your overall health. As part of your comprehensive oral examination, your dentist will make a record of the findings which involves a comprehensive oral mucosal examination (oral cancer check), a full charting of your existing oral condition, treatment planning, radiographs (x-rays) and photographs (as required). Your dental professional will present you with all the information recorded and discuss your needs with you.

Our General Dentistry Services
Dr Sproll with children's orthodontics patient

Children’s Orthodontics

Children’s Orthodontics Empire Bay Dental Generally speaking, orthodontic treatment starts between the ages of 8 to 12 years old, although it’s not uncommon for treatment …

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custom mouthguards central coast

Custom Mouthguards

What are custom mouthguards? A custom mouthguard is a thick, often spongy shield that fits over your teeth. Custom mouthguards are usually worn during sports …

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Wisdom Teeth

Your dentist will arrange the appropriate radiographs (x-ray) to assess and recommend how the teeth should be extracted. Typical images for wisdom teeth are: Orthopantomogram …

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Some advantages of dental bridges include: Restores Restores your smile and your ability to properly chew and speak Enhances Appearance Maintains the shape of your …

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Root Canal Treatment

After the root canal treatment has been completed your dentist will most likely recommend an indirect restoration (ceramic filling) to ensure the root canal treatment …

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Some signs that you require a filling include: Tooth sensitivity when a certain tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures Holes or dark spots …

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Sedation & Sleep Dentistry

What is Intravenous (IV) Sedation? IV Sedation refers to sedative medication administered through the vein, to calm and relax a patient prior to and during …

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Same day Crowns The cerec system uses Computer assisted design-computer assisted manufacture (CAD-CAM) technology. Following digital scanning of the prepared tooth/teeth, the crown, inlay/onlay is …

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What to expect at your regular active maintenance appointment Comprehensive Examination Our team of oral health professionals will work in unison to conduct a comprehensive …

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Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Our Dental Practitioners are specially trained to provide services that will ensure that your child is better equipped to prevent any problems from arising. Some …

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